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"I am masseur with 27yr experience. My work is hard and demanding. Neck/back pain is something that I have had to live with. I just couldn't find a chiropractor in Belfast that could make a diffrence. Anyway, to cut a long story short Rosetta Chiropractic Clinic is a LIFE SAVER. My pain has gone and I FEEL GREAT! I would recommend them in the highest and will be refering my clients. believe me, I am not the type to go ranting on about someone if they didn't deserve it." Continue reading →

Chris - 16th October 2011

"A friend referred me to Rosetta Chiropractic as i had struggled with sciatica for years. I was unable to train and was off work for 8 weeks and starting to feel depressed. I have to say it really was amazing, within a few treatments the pain in my back and leg had gone and i was able to start back at the gym. It's so refreshing to meet someone who takes a genuine interest and listens to you. " Continue reading →

Lindsey - 28th May 2011

"After travelling for a month around the UK I was in need of an adjustment. they were able to fit me and put me straight again! Thanks Nick and Cathy!" Contiune reading →

"Both Nick and MJ have helped me immensely over the last few weeks. I have experienced great results from their treatment, including reduction in neck and back pain and improvement in my sense of smell. Top notch service." Contiune reading →

Gary Quigg

"I have been suffering from lower back pain for 18 months, I had been taking pain relief medication but found this only helped short term . I have been getting treated by Nicholas for over two months now and have noticed a massive difference . The pain is under control and I no longer need medication . My job is quite physical so I plan to carry on with regular care to make sure the problem doesn't return . I didn't expect the treatment to start working as quickly as it did but am so glad it has as almost everything I did during the day (and night) brought me immense pain, this also affected my mood too . Now I'm seriously on the mend and can notice everything in general improving . I would definitely recommend chiropractic care to anyone suffering back pain and I would especially recommend Nicholas at Rosetta Chiropractic." Contiune reading →

Colin Canning

"I have had back problems for a few years now, with several pulls and strains around the shoulders and neck. Doctors prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatories which, while eventually easing the symptoms, did not tackle the root of the problem. When the problems become more regular, I decided to see a chiropractor. While I do still experience some residual tension from long days at my computer in work, I have had no serious muscle pulls or been incapacitated by problems with my neck and shoulders since I began visiting Rosetta Chiropractic. I don't really tend to evangelise about such things, but my experience of chiropractic care has been a positive one, and (just as importantly I think) everyone at Rosetta Chiropractic has been extremely professional, friendly and helpful. It's always a pleasure to visit." Contiune reading →

Warren Bell

"I have had recurring back pain for many years. At the beginning of this year I decided to take steps to rectify the problem. I attended the Rosetta Chiropractic on Carolan Road for a number of months. It was a wonderful experience!! The staff were all very friendly - MJ and Nicholas were fantastic! It was the best money I have ever spent! I spent the summer walking, cycling, swimming and body boarding without even a twinge in my back! I cannot thank them enough and would highly recommend their practice to anyone suffering from back pain." Contiune reading →

Julie O'Prey