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About us

Here at Rosetta & Carrick chiropractic we pride ourselves on our personal service, our comfortable family friendly environments and our genuine commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of the local community.


Who comes to see us?

People first come to see us for a wide variety of reasons. Many find us through migraines, back pain or sciatica and many other spinal or pain-related issues, but we also pride ourselves on how many people stay with us because they feel great with chiropractic care as a part of a healthy regime. We also have many families visiting for regular adjustments, while others find us during pregnancy and after the birth.

Clients are also referred to us by other therapists, GP’s, surgeons, nutritionists, yoga teachers, tennis coaches and naturopaths to name a few. Chiropractic is not an alternative treatment – it is complementary to all these other professions and we are proud to be the choice of many.


Welcome, sit down and relax...

With two beautiful clinics in Belfast & Carrickfergus and a fantastic team in both clinics you will feel welcome and at home from the moment you walk through the door. No one understands better than us the perfect environment required to help stimulate the healing & recovery process in order to bring you back to optimum health.

Meet the Team

Name: Dr MJ

Position: Chiropractor with 12 years’ experience in private practice & as a locum. She is fully qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic, with a 5 year University degree and Radiology License.

Bio: As a teenager I suffered from headaches and dizziness. I was told that a chiropractor might be able to help and I would have tried anything to feel better. I went to the local chiropractor and he explained that the head gets its supply from the nerves in the neck, and that an unhealthy or misaligned spine could be the cause of my problem. He adjusted my spine and it worked! I am a firm believer that good health starts with a healthy spine and nervous system.

Name: Alan

Position: Manager

Bio: Alan manages the business and has adopted chiropractic as a way of life. As a qualified engineer he understands the mechanics of the body and the importance of taking good care of it. If you need to get something organised with the clinic, Alan is the best person to contact. Out of the office he enjoys keeping fit through running, swimming and weight training.


Name: Zoe

Position: Chiropractic Assistant

Bio: Zoe is the Chiropractic Assistant in both clinics. She has had huge benefits herself through Chiropractic care, and is inspired everyday by the difference in our patient's health before and after care. Being both health conscious and a qualified Yoga Instructor Zoe runs a popular yoga class from our clinic in Carrickfergus. Out of the office she enjoys going for long walks, listening to music and reading.