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Success story of the week!

Posted on by Chiropractor

I have been suffering from LOW BACK PAIN, RESTLESS LEGS and HEADACHES for approximately 18 YEARS. Despite numerous trips to my GP, hospital for X-Rays and physiotherapy my symptoms eased for a while but returned within a short period of time. Things got so bad that my GP recommended that I go to a chiropractor. I agreed to do so and after my initial consultation I booked a course of visits. The symptoms I had suffered from for years have decreased by about 90%. I don’t take medication to manage my pain anymore; my restless legs problem has gone which leads to a good night’s sleep. This is the first time in years that I’ve been pain free and it feels good. I did not expect to see such a big improvement so soon. My health and wellbeing has had a boost and it’s great.

– Anthony Campbell

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